Open House: Visit in person the most anticipated real estate project in Florida

Apr 1, 2024 | 0 comments

Take advantage this April 5, 6 and 7 of the unique opportunity to visit in person the land where Archer Place is being built, located on the main avenue of the city of Gainesville, just steps from the University of Florida.

Get to know Florida’s most anticipated real estate project. Inspired by the vibrant atmosphere generated by young professionals in the city, Archer Place will offer 92 luxurious Condo units, with the most modern amenities and without rental restrictions, allowing you to grow your investment like you have never seen before.

This new project, located on the main avenue of the city of Gainesville, just steps from the prestigious University of Florida and the city’s main hospitals, will raise the architectural standard of the city, with a design and quality that is not yet seen in the city.

We invite you to participate in the first Open House of Archer Place, which arose with the idea of ​​satisfying the growing need for housing for people who move more frequently to the city every day, with a mixed-use project that will combine large green areas, excellent amenities and a luxury that everyone will want to provide.

Archer Place: Special real estate project for investment

Strategically located near the city’s busiest intersection and across from UF, Archer Place redefines the standard of living in the university area.

Its mixed approach of apartments, condominiums and commercial areas creates a unique environment for students and young professionals, who are home to the large percentage of the city’s inhabitants.

It will have a building of luxurious apartments to live or rent with the highest quality and technology, 19 of them located in penthouses, 7 of which will have a private pool. Gym, theater, club house, barbecue and swimming pool are just some of its amenities.

In addition, on the same land but separated by an interior street, a modern student residence building will be located with all the comforts they require and with very competitive prices in relation to the market.

With this, Archer Placer is positioned as an excellent investment opportunity and also one of the most anticipated real estate projects in the city.

Along these lines, Eric Godet, President of the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, assured that Archer Place offers exactly what the city needs:

“Gainesville has been asking for a place like Archer Place. We have professors, doctors, and people who are moving every day who want to live near the university, near the city center and the amenities that that means.”

The privilege of being located in front of the University of Florida

UF was recently named by the Wall Street Journal as the best state university in the entire United States. But this award only consolidates an outstanding career built for years by science and excellence.

Listed as the flagship institution of the State University System of Florida, the University of Florida (UF) has positioned itself as one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the United States.

Founded in 1853, UF began with a modest enrollment of fewer than 100 students. Today, it has a student population of over 60,000, making it one of the largest universities not only in Florida, but also in the country.

The University of Florida also stands out as a leader in research and academia, offering a wide range of academic programs, including more than 100 undergraduate programs and 200 graduate programs in its 16 colleges and schools.

With more than $900 million in annual research expenditures, UF has proven to be a powerhouse of innovation and discovery, consistently ranking among the top research institutions in the country.

Additionally, at 2,000 acres, UF’s main campus in Gainesville is one of the largest in the country. Home to numerous research centers, libraries, and state-of-the-art facilities, the university provides students with unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth.

Additionally, UF has a vibrant student life, with more than 1,000 student organizations and a thriving athletic program that competes in the NCAA’s Southeastern Conference (SEC). As the Gators take the field each fall, backed by a capacity crowd of 90,000, UF’s legendary spirit and tradition continue to inspire generations of students and alumni, cementing its place as a premier institution of higher education. .